Changing Skill Transparency and MORE!

Today we’ll be looking at the Graphics tab in the Options Menu. You can achieve a variety of tasks here including:

  • Changing the Screen Resolution
  • Changing the Background/Skill Effect Quality
  • Changing the Transparency of skill effects
  • Changing the location of where Screenshots are stored
  • and much more!

How to Access the Options Menu

how to access

  1. Press the Esc button on your Keyboard
  2. Select Options

The Graphics Tab



Resolution: Use the drop-down menu to choose among the three different resolutions available. (800×600, 1024×768, 1366×768)

Windowed Mode: Press the ALT and ENTER keys simultaneously to swap between fullscreen and windowed mode.




Use the slider to change the background quality from this…


To this… (Or anything in between.)



Similarly, the slider can be used to change the quality of the skill effects from this….


To this…




Skill Effect Transparency: Toggling this can help you see the map and monsters more easily when your or others’ skill effects are getting in the way.



Damage Effect: Similarly, the size and effect produced by damage inflicted can be toggled so that you can see the map and monsters better.

Damage Effect Dropdown.jpg
Play around with the effects to see which is your favorite.

Note: I’ll try to upload gif comparisons of different effects when I’m able to.
Screenshake: Checking this box lets the screen shake when some skills are used.



By clicking the screenshot hotkey (example), screenshots are automatically saved into the MapleStory Folder by default. In the Options Menu you can change the default saving location to either the Desktop or C:// folder.

screenshots_sving location