MapleSEA Shortcut to ANYWHERE (or at least, most places)

This short guide will tell you how to get from one place to another quickly in MapleSEA. It’s geared towards newbies because most veteran players already know this trick.

Step 1: Go to any town with a Mirror of Dimension and click on it.

mirror of dimension.jpg
If you’re in Pantheon already, just skip to Step 5 straight away. If you’re in a town in Victoria Island, use ‘quick move’ to teleport to the Six Path Crossway Platform

Step 2: Teleport to Zipangu (aka Mushroom Shrine)



Step 3: Talk to the Perry (the giant bird) and go to the Six Path Crossway.

perry_6 path

Step 4: Enter the Interdimensional Portal

interdimensional portl.jpg

Step 5: Click on the Interdimensional Portal again and teleport anywhere from there!

interdimensional tele anywhere.jpg

You can also teleport to almost anywhere by accessing Veritas through Aqua Road but it’s much easier to get to the Interdimensional Portal through Zipangu.



Changing Skill Transparency and MORE!

Today we’ll be looking at the Graphics tab in the Options Menu. You can achieve a variety of tasks here including:

  • Changing the Screen Resolution
  • Changing the Background/Skill Effect Quality
  • Changing the Transparency of skill effects
  • Changing the location of where Screenshots are stored
  • and much more!

How to Access the Options Menu

how to access

  1. Press the Esc button on your Keyboard
  2. Select Options

The Graphics Tab



Resolution: Use the drop-down menu to choose among the three different resolutions available. (800×600, 1024×768, 1366×768)

Windowed Mode: Press the ALT and ENTER keys simultaneously to swap between fullscreen and windowed mode.




Use the slider to change the background quality from this…


To this… (Or anything in between.)



Similarly, the slider can be used to change the quality of the skill effects from this….


To this…




Skill Effect Transparency: Toggling this can help you see the map and monsters more easily when your or others’ skill effects are getting in the way.



Damage Effect: Similarly, the size and effect produced by damage inflicted can be toggled so that you can see the map and monsters better.

Damage Effect Dropdown.jpg
Play around with the effects to see which is your favorite.

Note: I’ll try to upload gif comparisons of different effects when I’m able to.
Screenshake: Checking this box lets the screen shake when some skills are used.



By clicking the screenshot hotkey (example), screenshots are automatically saved into the MapleStory Folder by default. In the Options Menu you can change the default saving location to either the Desktop or C:// folder.

screenshots_sving location

MapleSEA Daily Gifts

From 12:15am to 11:45pm every day, you will be able to claim a free daily gift. Throughout the month if you claim consecutive daily gifts, the rewards will get better and better. Here’s how.

Click on the calendar icon on the bottom right of the screen and select ‘Daily Gift‘.

1_calendar icon

A window will pop up and you can click ‘Receive Gift‘. Make sure you are logged into the character that you want to receive the gift with!

2_open calendar.jpg

Click Receive Gift and confirm.



You can only claim the next gift on the following day at 12:15am.

5_cant collect anymore


Note: Players who are logged into one of the premium IP cafes/locations will be able to claim two gifts in one day.

Some rewards that can be claimed include:

Black Cubes, Rainbow Resurrection Flames, Epic Potential Scrolls, Golden Carved Seals, Hair color change coupons, Miracle Circulators and Mileage Points.

How to Form a Party in MapleSEA

A party in MapleSEA has many different benefits! With a party, members can take advantage of different buffs across each character job as well as earn additional exp and finish quests faster! The maximum number of people in a party is 6.

Note: Only the party leader can request to enter boss raids or certain maps. To transfer the party leader from one player to another, right click on their IGN in the party window and select ‘Make Leader’.

Step 1: Open the ‘Party’ Window

1_open party window

You can do this by

  • Pressing the hotkey (Default hotkey for both basic and secondary modes is ‘P’) (example)
  • Navigate to the bottom of the screen and click on the community icon and choose ‘party/boss queue‘.

1a_open party window


Step 2: Create!

Press the Create and confirm your party name.

If you check the ‘Private Party‘ box, other players will not be able to request to join your party.


created party

After doing so, you would have created a party! To leave the party, Click the ‘leave’ button.

Step 3: Inviting Other Players

To invite people to join, click the ‘Invite to Party’ button and fill in their IGN in the text box that appears. You can also invite people who are in the map but not already in a party. Their names will be listed in the list below the text box.

inviting a friend

You can also right click on a character and select the ‘Invite to Party‘ option.

inviting a friend_2

Requesting to join a party

Click the ‘party search’ tab in the party window. There will be a list of parties that are available. When you click ‘Apply’, the party leader will have a choice to accept or reject your join request.

requesting to join a party

Other Party Details

The default basic hotkey to change from public chat to party chat is ‘2

The default secondary hotkey is the ‘Home‘ key.

When you are talking to only party members, the text will appear in pink in the chat window.

Here are a list of party-related commands you can type into the chat window. To see a list of all commands in game type ‘/?’ into the chat window.



/partyinvite charactername

/partyexpell charactername



How to Queue for Boss Fights using the Boss Waiting List

MapleStory Boss Waiting List Icon Selection

The Boss waiting list system allows level 50+ players to conveniently teleport to their boss map of choice. You can queue with a party or as an individual.

Step 1: Open the Boss Wait List Window

Boss Wait list

You can do this by

  • Opening the Buddy or Party window and clicking on the ‘Boss’ tab
  • Or pressing the Boss wait list hotkey

(This is what the boss wait list hot key looks like.)

Step 2: Select a Boss

Boss Wait list_select
In this example, I chose Zakum.

If the boss cannot be selected there may be level restrictions or uncompleted pre-quests. (example)

Step 3: Selecting the Difficulty

Use the arrow keys to choose which mode boss you want to fight. You can hover over the boss image to see more information. (example)

Boss Wait list_select_difficulty

If the difficulty level appears in grey (example) it means you are not yet eligible for entry. This can be due to uncompleted pre-quests or level restrictions. You can hover over the icon for more information.

Step 4: Time to Wait!

time to wait

Confirm your selection of the boss and difficulty.

time to wait_2

A small window should appear that indicates you are on the waiting list. Leave it to search for a party. You can continue to fight mobs and walk around but refrain from opening the storage or shop windows.


time to wait_3

When a party has been found, a new window will pop up. Pressing OK will teleport you to the boss map.

teleported to boss map
This tutorial was made while in a special Pink Bean character only available during certain event periods.