Additional Potential in MapleSEA

There are two types of potential in MapleSEA, Normal potential and Additional Potential. An item with additional potential would look like the one on the left, as opposed to the item on the right.


Unlocking Additional Potential

In order to unlock additional potential, you will need an additional potential scroll. This can be purchased from the Cash Shop or acquired through events.

Special Additional Potential Scroll has a 100% chance to add 2 or 3 lines additional potential to the equipment of your choices without destroying the equipment.


Additional Potential Through Fusing Items

Alchemist can ‘fuse’ items together in Ardentmill. By standing next to the alchemy book and clicking on the ‘fuse’ icon in their inventory, they will have the option to combine two similar items. If both items have potential, there will be a greater chance of the final item having additional potential.

fuse items window

Note: The rank of the items potential is random. Fusing two Epic items will not result in a new Epic Item.

Increasing Lines of Additional Potential

In the event that your item has fewer than 3 lines of potential you can use these items to increase the number of potential lines.

GoldStampAdditionalPotential01SilverStampAdditionalPotential01advanced awakening stampBasic Awakening StampIntermediate awakening stamp


Resetting Additional Potential

The Master Additional Miracle Cube is available in the cash shop. It can be used to reset an items additional potential and raise it’s rank.

“A powerful cube that reconfigures the equipment’s Additional Potential, not affecting the existing regular potentials stats. It will be usable on items from rank Rare to Legendary.”



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