The Rune System

Seen one of those rocks with glowing symbols on them? You have just encountered a rune! Make use of these runes and their special effects to improve your character training.

Types of Runes

There are currently 9 different runes in MapleSEA. They are named differently from other versions of MapleStory

  • Akhlys  rune_akhyls

Increases damage by 50%.

  • Asteria  rune_asteria

Spawns 3 Elite Monsters. These are useful in spawning an Elite Boss.

  • Hermes  rune of hermes.PNG

Increases movement and attack speed and jump.

  • Njord  rune_njord2

Spawns a Treasure Monster which drops items/bonus exp/meso bubbles that float to the ground.

  • Titan  rune_titan

Similar to the effect of an Advanced Giant potion, it supersizes your character.

  • Muhyi  rune_muhyi

Triples the monster limit of the map. Similar to Kanna’s Kishin Shoukan skill.

  • Mujib  rune_mujib

Decreases skill cool down rates to 5 seconds.

  • Yggdrasil  rune_yggdrasil

Recovers 10% of your HP every second as well as granting additional 20 Status Resist points

  • Zeus  rune_zeus

Unleashes random strikes of lightning that kill any mob that it comes into contact with.

All runes give a 2x exp buff. You can increase the duration of a rune’s buff with Evan’s link skill.

Rune Persistence (Master Level: 2)
Increases the Duration of all Liberated Runes by intensifying their mana.
Level 1: Liberated Rune Duration: +30%
Level 2: Liberated Rune Duration: +50%

Notes: After activating a rune, 15 minutes have to pass before you are allowed to activate another rune. Runes only buff the person activating them. You must be within 10 levels of the monsters in the map to activate the rune. Leaving the map will cause the rune effect to disappear.


Activating a Rune

finding a rune of Akhlys


First approach the rune and press your gather button. (Default key: N or spacebar)




This will cause an arrow key sequence to appear on the screen. Enter the sequence correctly with your arrow keys within 10 seconds.

Note: Entering them incorrectly will require you to wait a few seconds before trying again.

Activating a Rune of Akhlys


An animation will play to indicate successful activation of the rune.

activated rune of akhlys

Liberated Rune of Akhlys Effect


You can also see the effect of the rune on the top right hand corner of the screen where buffs are displayed.


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