The Mileage System

There are a number of ways a player can earn Mileage.

  • defeating bosses or themed dungeon bosses
  • Purchasing items from the cash shop (5% rebate on Maple Cash spent)
  • In-game events (Monster Collection Exploration, Daily Gifts…..)


Note: Mileage Points can only be obtained as a rebate from Maple Cash purchases. Purchasing with other options such as Maple Points or Mileage (in part or full) is not eligible for such rebates.

After claiming mileage 10 times in a row, players have to enter the cash shop to bank it in. You can check the Mileage summary by clicking on the ‘Mileage’ button in the cash shop. This will also show the dates of when your mileage points will expire so be sure to use them.

maplestory mileage button in cash shop


Here is a list of bosses that mileage (50 each claim) can be attained from:

  • Zakum (Normal/Chaos)
  • Horntail (Normal/Chaos)
  • Hilla (Normal/Hard)
  • Von Leon
  • Arkarium
  • Cygnus (Easy/Normal)
  • Pink bean (Normal/Chaos)
  • Magnus (Normal/Hard)
  • Banban (Normal/Chaos)
  • Pierre (Normal/Chaos)
  • Bloody Queen (Normal/Chaos)
  • Bellum (Normal/Chaos)


Themed Dungeon Bosses that mileage can be claimed from after defeat:

  • Ellinel Theme Dungeon: Mole King
  • Gold Beach Theme Dungeon: Captain Darkgoo
  • Riena Strait Theme Dungeon: Demolishizer
  • Ellin Theme Dungeon: Ephenia
  • Lion Heart Castle: Prison Guard Ani
  • Golden Temple: Ravanna
  • Fantasy Theme World: Targa and Scarboss
  • Heinz Library: Master Red Nirg
  • Stone Collossus: Tarantulus

Mileage obtained from these bosses can be claimed once a day per account, in the character that defeats the boss. Click on the red coin icon on the left side of the screen to accept and complete the quests.

claim mileage icon.jpg


Mileage can also be obtained from Monster collection exploration as well as daily gifts in the form of a USE item.

mileage from daily gift.jpg

mileage in inventory.jpg


Click on the Mileage coin in your Use tab and it will be credited to your account.






The Mileage Shop

You can access the Mileage shop by clicking on this button on the bottom left hand side of the cash shop screen. Some special items are available in the mileage shop on a seasonal basis like permanent pets with meso/item pick up skills, while the purchase count of other items will be reset from time to time.

cash shop mileage shop.jpg


Certain item sales are limited per character while others are limited per account.

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