Burning Field System

You might have come across a notice like this in game:

Maplestory Burning Field Stage 1

This happens when a map has not been entered for 2 hours or more and becomes a Burning Field. Maximize your EXP gain by looking for burning maps! Some Sudden Missions also require you to find burning field.

There are different stages of Burning Fields. Depending on the duration that they have been left vacant, the fields will give different EXP rewards. The maximum level a Burning Stage can reach is 10.

Note: Only hunting maps with monsters above level 100 can become burning fields. 

Burning Fields will drop in stages after a certain number of monsters have been hunted per map or after a certain period of time. If players continue to hunt in the map, it will eventually be reverted back to a normal hunting ground.

EXP Rewards for Burning Fields

Stage 1: EXP Reward +10%

Stage 2: EXP Reward +20%

Stage 3: EXP Reward +30%

Stage 4: EXP Reward +40%

Stage 5: EXP Reward +50%

Stage 6: EXP Reward +60%

Stage 7: EXP Reward +70%

Stage 8: EXP Reward +80%

Stage 9: EXP Reward +90%

Stage 10: EXP Reward +100%



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