The Maple Auction House

The Auction House is a easy way to buy and sell items. With multiple search parameters, it’s easier that ever to find a specific item in a sea of listings.

This is a basic guide that will show you how to use the Auction House in MapleStory.

Accessing the Auction House

Click on the quick move (example), below the mini-map. and choose the Maple Auction icon.

Quick Move to the Auction House.jpg

Alternatively, you can click on the Settings Menu on the bottom of the main UI and select ‘Go to Maple Auction.


Note: You can only access the Maple Auction House when you are in a town.


Searching for Items

The initial page will show all the latest items listed. You can hover over the icons to check the stats of the items compared to your own. To quickly search for the items that you want, you can type in the names in the top left hand corner’s search bar.

Search Items in Auction House
Hovering over the items gives you the description and stats.
Auction House Quick Search.jpg
The Quick Search has an auto complete function so you don’t have to type the full item name out!

Buying Items

When you’ve found the perfect item, click on it and a ‘buy’ button will appear on the bottom right of the screen.

MapleSea Auction House Buy Item.jpg

Enter the quantity and confirm your purchase.

Auction House Quantity and Confirmation.jpg


Click the Transactions tab to collect your item.

Auction House Transactions Tab.jpg


Click the ‘collect’ button and confirm to claim your purchased item.

MapleStory Auction House Collect Item.jpg

Listing Items for Sale

By paying a small fee, players can list almost any item for sale in the Auction House.

First, click the ‘Sell’ tab on top of the window. Then drag and drop your item of choice in to the box on the right hand corner.

drag and drop item into sale box

Type in the price you intend to sell the item at and click ‘List Item’. Note: There is a 2,000 meso + 5% of selling price fee when you make a sale.

Listing an Item for Sale

Your item is now listed for sale! To cancel the listing, click on the ‘x’ button on the right hand side of the item listing.

Item Listed for Sale.jpg

Claiming Mesos and Unsold Items

Click on the Transaction Tab on the top right hand corner of the window. If you have items that were unsold after the 24/48 hour period, they will be listed here for collection. Just click the ‘collect’ button. You can also click the ‘Get All’ button to claim all your mesos and items.

Note: Make sure you have enough room in your inventory!



You can filter the transactions by selecting the options on the top of the Transactions list.


I hope this has been a useful guide. If I’ve missed out anything please let me know in the comments section below. Happy auctioning!

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