Item Potentials

Make use of the Potential system to increase your damage in MapleStory!


Types of Potential

There are 4 different potential Tiers:

  • Rare (R)
  • Epic (E)
  • Unique (U)
  • Legendary (L)

The higher the tier, the better stats you can achieve. The higher the level of the item, the better stats will be rolled.

To give an item potential, you can use the different types of Potential scrolls available in game.

potential scrolls.png

You can see an item’s potential by hovering over it in your equipment window.

This item has epic potential.


There is also another tier of potential called ‘additional potential’. These items have additional stats on top of their potential. Similarly, they can be of different tiers.


For more information on additional potential, refer to this post.

When items are on the ground, they will have a shining effect around them. These indicate the potential rank of an item.

Blue indicates a ‘rare’ ranked item while purple indicates an ‘epic’ ranked item.


Increasing the Number of Potential Lines

Certain items may only have 2 lines of potential. In order to increase the number of lines to the maximum, items such as Carved Gold Seals or Carved Silver Seals can be used.

carved golden silver seals.png

Additional potential lines can be added with Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Awakening Stamps.

basic intermediate awakening stamps additional potential.png

Rerolling the Potential Stat

Miracle Cubes are used to reroll the potential stat of equipment in game. There are a variety of cubes that can be hunted, while others can be purchased from the Cash Shop or obtained during in-game events.

miracle cubes.png

Additional potential stats can be rerolled by using additional potential cubes.


Revealing Item Potentials

Items that you pick up from monsters have sealed potentials. This will be indicated by a red border around the item in your Equipment tab. (Below shows an comparison between an epic potential item and a sealed potential item.)



To reveal the items potential, open your inventory tab (default button ‘I’) and click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the window.


Next, click the sealed item you wish to reveal and confirm the evaluation. (The amount of mesos payable will depend on the level of your item.)



Now when you hover over the item in your inventory, you will be able to see it’s potential!




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