The Buddy List Guide

This guide will demonstrate the uses of the buddy list in MapleSEA.

Adding Friends

Step 1: Press ‘R’ to open the your in game buddy list.

buddy list
IGNs have been censored.

Step 2: Click the ‘Add Friend‘ button.

Step 3: Choose a group to add your friend to and fill in the character name, nickname and a note to remember how and where you met the person or why you added them. If you want them to see you logged in across all character, you can check the ‘Account Friend’ box at the bottom of the window.

buddylist_filling in info


Removing Friends and other Functions

Simply right click on their name on your buddy list and select ‘Delete’. You can also right click on their names to add/edit the friend memo, invite to party, chat, whisper or send them a note.

deleting buddies.jpg

Appearing Offline

On the top right hand corner of the buddy list, you can choose to appear offline to your friends.

Appear Offline.jpg


Increasing Buddy Slots

Click on the button labelled ‘Buddy List’ on the bottom right hand corner of the window. You will be prompted to pay 50,000 mesos to expand you friends list by 5. The maximum number of slots is 100.

increase number of slots_2.jpg

You can check the number of buddies currently registered/ the number of slots available in the top right hand corner of the window.

increase number of slots_3.jpg

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