MapleSEA Shortcut to ANYWHERE (or at least, most places)

This short guide will tell you how to get from one place to another quickly in MapleSEA. It’s geared towards newbies because most veteran players already know this trick.

Step 1: Go to any town with a Mirror of Dimension and click on it.

mirror of dimension.jpg
If you’re in Pantheon already, just skip to Step 5 straight away. If you’re in a town in Victoria Island, use ‘quick move’ to teleport to the Six Path Crossway Platform

Step 2: Teleport to Zipangu (aka Mushroom Shrine)



Step 3: Talk to the Perry (the giant bird) and go to the Six Path Crossway.

perry_6 path

Step 4: Enter the Interdimensional Portal

interdimensional portl.jpg

Step 5: Click on the Interdimensional Portal again and teleport anywhere from there!

interdimensional tele anywhere.jpg

You can also teleport to almost anywhere by accessing Veritas through Aqua Road but it’s much easier to get to the Interdimensional Portal through Zipangu.



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