MapleSEA Daily Gifts

From 12:15am to 11:45pm every day, you will be able to claim a free daily gift. Throughout the month if you claim consecutive daily gifts, the rewards will get better and better. Here’s how.

Click on the calendar icon on the bottom right of the screen and select ‘Daily Gift‘.

1_calendar icon

A window will pop up and you can click ‘Receive Gift‘. Make sure you are logged into the character that you want to receive the gift with!

2_open calendar.jpg

Click Receive Gift and confirm.



You can only claim the next gift on the following day at 12:15am.

5_cant collect anymore


Note: Players who are logged into one of the premium IP cafes/locations will be able to claim two gifts in one day.

Some rewards that can be claimed include:

Black Cubes, Rainbow Resurrection Flames, Epic Potential Scrolls, Golden Carved Seals, Hair color change coupons, Miracle Circulators and Mileage Points.

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