How to Form a Party in MapleSEA

A party in MapleSEA has many different benefits! With a party, members can take advantage of different buffs across each character job as well as earn additional exp and finish quests faster! The maximum number of people in a party is 6.

Note: Only the party leader can request to enter boss raids or certain maps. To transfer the party leader from one player to another, right click on their IGN in the party window and select ‘Make Leader’.

Step 1: Open the ‘Party’ Window

1_open party window

You can do this by

  • Pressing the hotkey (Default hotkey for both basic and secondary modes is ‘P’) (example)
  • Navigate to the bottom of the screen and click on the community icon and choose ‘party/boss queue‘.

1a_open party window


Step 2: Create!

Press the Create and confirm your party name.

If you check the ‘Private Party‘ box, other players will not be able to request to join your party.


created party

After doing so, you would have created a party! To leave the party, Click the ‘leave’ button.

Step 3: Inviting Other Players

To invite people to join, click the ‘Invite to Party’ button and fill in their IGN in the text box that appears. You can also invite people who are in the map but not already in a party. Their names will be listed in the list below the text box.

inviting a friend

You can also right click on a character and select the ‘Invite to Party‘ option.

inviting a friend_2

Requesting to join a party

Click the ‘party search’ tab in the party window. There will be a list of parties that are available. When you click ‘Apply’, the party leader will have a choice to accept or reject your join request.

requesting to join a party

Other Party Details

The default basic hotkey to change from public chat to party chat is ‘2

The default secondary hotkey is the ‘Home‘ key.

When you are talking to only party members, the text will appear in pink in the chat window.

Here are a list of party-related commands you can type into the chat window. To see a list of all commands in game type ‘/?’ into the chat window.



/partyinvite charactername

/partyexpell charactername



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